Dynasty is not just a spirits company — we’re a company with an unquenchable spirit. We’re passionate, driven, constantly in pursuit of excellence and always innovating to stay ahead of industry trends. We pride ourselves on quality and consistency, which has helped us build strong relationships with our friends in the industry and gain loyal followers. Our vast family of brands ranges from botanical vodkas to ready-to-drink seltzers — offering something for every taste and every occasion.


Devin Odell

Founder, President

Devin Odell is the founder, president and visionary force behind the exceptional Dynasty Spirits brand. Since beginning the company in 2010, Devin has learned every aspect of the industry and has developed valuable domestic and international networks while launching over 20 brands. Devin’s great instincts and insistence on excellence have turned Dynasty Spirits into a success story. His focus on the “3 Ps” — product, packaging and price — has helped build an invaluable network within the industry and a reputation for uncompromising quality.

Steve Carlson

Chief Operating Officer

Steve Carlson joined Dynasty in 2012, bringing with him a wealth of financial experience in helping new businesses get off the ground and building security through a well-diversified foundation. Steve worked for JPMorgan Chase for 25 years, where he became an expert problem-solver, strategist and risk manager. Looking for a fresh new opportunity, he joined Dynasty, where he has helped the company grow consistently and organically into the successful spirits company it is today. Steve also focuses on HR, legal, general management and investor relations.